Biz Tips 1. How to sell free AdWords promotional code on ebay.

A few months ago I  took a Google AdWords flyer from a Chase Bank. On the flyer there was a $100 free coupon code for Google AdWords if you sign up with a new Google account. It had a unique promotional code on it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find this flyer a few days ago when I needed it. I wanted to create an AdWords campaign for DomainTyper. I was searching all over the internet to get a similar $100 coupon code.

The problem is that the promotional code itself can only be used 1 time. Each code is unique. So in case someone has one that he even puts on the internet, only the first guy can use it. That’s pretty bad. Basically no chance finding a working code through Google search.

As the code itself is free but it’s worth $100 I thought there must be someone selling it on ebay. Yep that’s right. You can find around 200 offers on ebay from $4.50. That’s cool, it’s still good deal for ~$5 if you can get $100 credit for your campaign. I bought one and it worked. The guy sent me the code in email within 10 hours. I was ready to go with my $100 advertisement credit.

So how do they get those codes? Do they all go to Chase Banks, and get the physical card with the code? No, there is an easier way. Google has an Engage program for SEOs. If you sign up as SEO you can get free $100 advertising vouchers for your ‘clients’. Nothing else to do, just put the free codes on ebay for $5 each. Email the code to the buyer, and you are done.

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