Hackathon at SixType

Here at SixType we are very excited about our upcoming first-ever internal Hackathon!

The event is held next Tuesday and lasts for 48 hours. We chose Tuesday as it’s easier to organize something like this for a working day rather than a weekend when everyone is out somewhere.

The hackathon will start with a brainstorming the project Ideas we have. After we chose the best idea, we move to the planning phase, design the product and start implementing it right away.

The Goal is to have a Minimum viable product at the end of the 48 hours. So it won’t be a catch-all full of features product, but rather something that we can put out front of the customers as a concept and then let them tell us where they find the greatest value so we can maximize the effectiveness of additional development efforts.

We are looking forward for eating pizza and drinking energy drinks for 48 hours!
I will update you on the result, so stay tuned.

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